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Ariana Grande - positions album cover

Fame Romance

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Ari I love you, but why can't she evolve artistically, this looks like her boyfriend cover! 

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Disclaimer so y'all don't drag me: Ariana knows her strong points and she uses them to her advantage, in this instant it's putting out music that's easily digestible with equally digestible visuals.

With that being said, this is why I call her the McDonald's of music. It's 'fast' music, appeals to almost everyone, nothing ground breaking and will never be so, but the masses will consume regardless. She is talented, but she knows her lane. It is what it is.


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49 minutes ago, ice bear said:

i could do that in 30 seconds on photoshop... and that earring is a choice, still will be streaming though

She really be wearing the coronavirus on her ear  

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The Fame Popster 401

A late 2000s graphic design revival was inevitable but the covers of Positions and Rare leave a lot to be desired :(

The single cover is so good, let me carry on pretending its the album cover.

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