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SEPHORA Inside Tea - GAGA Voce Viva

Lorde Von Kok

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2018_ari4@2x.gif Hello ladies 2018_ari4@2x.gif 

This is your local Sephora queen, a.k.a. me, that wanted to share some insider tea ! 

Around three weeks ago, we received a « secretive » shipment that was a hard-launch. I had to take pictures to showcase the fellow Little Monsters ! Check the spoilers for the pictures !





and then ...

I asked if I could take the little picture inside the glassbox to take home and add to my Gaga collection :ohyes: but my boss got something even better for me, and offered me a full-giant-size poster ! 



Did you guys tried the Voce Viva perfume ? Did you liked it, bought it or skipped it ?


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1 hour ago, Twitter said:

Does it smell good? spacer.png

Should I buy some for my girlfriend? spacer.png

@Lorde Von Kok we need answers. spacer.png

It's very light and fresh. The atmosphere from the video represents well the perfume, as far as colors and the overall vibe (not the folks singing). It's quite pleasant and will appeal to most people. You have to smell it at your local Sephora, you just have to ask an employee to make you smell it ! Definitely check it out, as holiday kits are out right now with it included ! 

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