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Guess the user

little legend

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Pop-a-911-ster 27,290

ok so based on users' avi guess, whats this user is , age,his character or whatever

so @Gypsy Life ( yea i know that you are a 28 tp man from France but based on his avi he...)

 e-QFFru-Dx0m04vgid-W788-FQ-r.thumb.jpg.a seems like a 40-50 y.o. soccer mom fan, big fan of ASIB.



550994508_IMG_3215(1).thumb.JPG.c6a3e8b2 35-45 y.o. woman , loves shopping and gossip



200-2.gif.1321ab6da241d1265c273c8961ae2d9a.gif his avi actually scares me a bit , he reminds



me of Caroline (the movie) .He is supposed to be a good guy but then we will learn that he is an evil machine that wants to destroy us all 




i hope i didnt offend anyone. Just made this thread for fun. I love u all :gaga-thanks:


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ARTPOPster 2,450
23 minutes ago, Lorde Von Kok said:

She seems like a depressed AF EDM-fanatic that lives in the past but suffers in the present. In her 20s.

I came here to have a good time and I’m just feeling really attacked right now :katy:

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Popster to Popster 3,752
1 hour ago, Gypsy Life said:

anyway, member little legend: possible serial killer, has 8 cats and 3 illegitimate children


and 0 dogs which is the most concerning part of all

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