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What Is Your Favorite Lady Gaga Album?

JJ Monster

What is your favorite Lady Gaga album?  

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  1. 1. There's 6 albums

    • The Fame
    • The Fame Monster
    • Born This Way
    • ARTPOP
    • Joanne
    • Chromatica

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Popster to Popster 4,584

I don't think I can't answer this question :billie:

Born This Way - as cheesy as this is - came out right as I was starting college and trying to find my identity and it imprinted on me.  It was the voice I needed and I feel like it's part of me.

ARTPOP is a mess but it's a mess that I love. I think there were too many missteps for it to fully take it but I think there's something really special there.  It holds a big bombastic place in my heart.

Chromatica is her most cohesive LP, to me.  I think the themes all flow together, I like the act structure and I think it has a solid progression.  Alice is probably my favorite opener from her and Babylon is my favorite closer.  It so much fun, it speaks to my own struggles and I just adore it.


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