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In appreciation of the Male singers/artists


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As the title suggests- lets show our fave men some love! -or if there is someone new you have discovered- feel free to share! 

Just discovered this album and boy was it brilliant!!! Had a few teary moments (maybe I am truly depressed though and just going through it- but hey it helped!) 


A singer recognized for his deep baritone, brooding delivery, and contemplative, literate lyrics, Matt Berninger rose to fame during the 2000s as front man of Brooklyn indie rockers The National. Emerging early in the decade amidst a garage rock revival that included bands like The Strokes and The Walkmen, The National drew from a wider set of influences, including alternative country-rock, Americana, and chamber pop as well as post-punk. Their earliest albums won a dedicated fan base and critical praise before they made an impact on the charts with their fourth LP, 2007's Boxer. The National catapulted into the Top Three of the album charts with 2010's High Violet, and have remained a Top Three act throughout the decade as band members pursued other projects, including Berninger's new wave-influenced duo, EL VY. In 2016, Berninger co-founded “7-inches for Planned Parenthood”, a curated series of records featuring music, comedy, spoken word, and visual art released in support of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. 2017's Sleep Well Beast made Berninger and his National bandmates Grammy winners and 2019 saw the release of their most recent album, I Am Easy to Find. The singer's many collaborations have included songs with Andrew Bird, Booker T. Jones, Jon Brion, and Julien Baker. Berninger’s first solo record, Serpentine Prison, will be released in 2020.


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I like a lot of male artists but they tend not to be part of the anglophone countries mainstream music that's mostly discussed in forums like this (they are all either from scandinavia or latin america)

And, obviously :icant:


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Popstanne 5,076

Too lazy to embed, but I'm a fan of Bowie, Prince, Elton John, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, John Lennon solo, The Clash, Talking Heads, and countless other male singer/male bands who are slipping my mind. 

I'll embed my favorite John Lennon song; I love the lyrics so much: 


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My two fave songs of them. Before the V album they used to be so good.

I may be a huge Janet fan, but I still love JT's music too. Despite the Super Bowl fiasco. His first single is still my fave.

Boy band bliss. Their fun from 1995-2005 was perfect.

More boy band bliss. Their three last albums were really good.

So heartbreakingly beautiful.

Aside from making great music, he's gorgeous af.

King of R&B

Another piece of eye candy with great music. This song and Powder are my faves.

I listen to The Weeknd, Panic! At The Disco, Benjamin Ingrosso, the 1D guys solo, Stromae and other male artists too.

Male performers don't get enough appreciation here, contrary to the world where the females are the underappreciated ones.

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