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BREAKING: Gaga's Dogs Have Been Found


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Gaming Leader 6,416

Ugh the dogs are safe and Ryan is recovering. I’m so happy for this outcome because as scary and sad as this situation is, it could have ended up so much worse and I feel relieved for everyone involved :bradley:

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Popstanne 5,076

Miracles do happen. I hope that Gaga, her family, and her friends can rest easy now. Since Ryan is projected to make a recovery, it sounds like the main thing going forward for all involved will be therapy. I'm sure everyone, from Ryan to the pups to Gaga, are all traumatized.

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Pop visitors

Gagavoodoo coming in full swing


So glad that her dogs are recovered. Now to find the sick bastards who shot Ryan.

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Kindness Admin 6,888

Wow. So relieved to hear this. What a terrible tragedy, but at least the recovery might be ok. I hope Ryan doesn’t have too painful a recovery/lasting effects and trauma. I can’t even imagine recovering from an attack like that. 

I really hope they find who did this. 

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