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Ariana’s original lyrics for Rain On Me


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1 minute ago, SLAG said:

“Cuz I was born for the night and it changed my life”  What does that even mean? :katy:


Just now, Roman said:

MTN reference. :icant:

and I would've die and stan even harder :nicki_scream:

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They obviously just swapped out that verse for Ari's when it came time to record her part but man, you can tell Gaga & co. wrote those lines. The self-mythologizing hits different.

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I'm glad people noticed the MTN reference. The even more esoteric reference here is actually to Just Dance. When she performed it live sometime in 2009, she sang the words for the chorus as, "Just dance, when you don't call, dada dodo ooh."

I think ROM's message is actually pretty similar to that of Just Dance. In the latter, she's drunk in a bar and can't remember where she is, but it's alright as long as she dances. It's gonna be okay. Meanwhile in ROM, she knows the misery is coming but she's ready for it. She's braced and she's welcoming it and dancing and fighting through it.

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