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POP-a-OREO winners


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Kindness Admin 6,892

Hi Popsters,

So, our first official competition has come to a close and we have 8 amazing winners! Each winner can send me a personal message on here and we can talk logistics! I will need an address to ship the package to you. I can't 100% promise delivery if a country decides to take them as contraband, but I hope no one really cares about a package of Oreos.



Congrats and thanks everyone for participating! 

We'll surely have more competitions and such in the future, although maybe less with physical prizes. 

Please congratulate our winners and post any suggestions for future competitions you would like!

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Kindness Admin 6,892
5 hours ago, Daylight Jokers said:

Omg congrats @MiKEY!

Are these the actual colored ones?


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