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Better song: Poker Face, Bad Romance, Judas


Better song: Poker Face, Bad Romance or Judas  

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  1. 1. Better song: Poker Face, Bad Romance or Judas

    • Poker Face
    • Bad Romance
    • Judas

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Just now, Twitter said:

Judas is the correct option here. :crowned:

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Watch Bad Romance wins. 


I’ll manipulate the postal votes. I mean :gaga-scream:

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Popster This Way 567
2 hours ago, Freddy said:

Bad Romance is overrated af. There. I said it. It’s not even in her top 20. Okay I’m ready to get crucified now :oops:

true but what are your top 20 songs? mine change everyday! I think my are right now:

Diamond  Heart, Papergangstar,  Angel down, Dance in the dark, Dancing in Circles, Gyspsy, Blody Mary, Edge of Glory, Rain on me , I´ll never love again, Aura or Swine, Enigma, Just dance, Sine from above, Babylon, Fun Tonight, Free Women, I don´t know what love is, why did you do that,

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