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  1. 1. Free your mind, 8 years later

    • ARTGOD was and still is perfect
    • ARTPOP has aged like swine (poorly)
    • ARTPOP has aged like galaxy, space, and time (excellently)
    • ARTFLOP remains the worst
    • I discovered ARTPOP on Twitter last week

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Kindness Admin 6,944

Free your mind, ARTPOP.

How do you feel about Gaga's most controversial album 8 years later?

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Popster to Popster 3,689

Hmm that's tough. I feel like I'm halfway between three answers :icant: since I re-discovered the album last year, and think that it neither aged poorly nor excellently if you go on a track per track basis. Applause still sounds fresh as well as Sexxx Dreams, and ARTPOP. I also have a new respect for Dope, and while the title of Gypsy may not have aged well, I love the song. Personally I don't care much for Aura and Venus (sorry) and Swine, and the others are decent. I won't seek them out but they aren't skips.

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Kindness Admin 6,944
5 hours ago, Delusional said:

ARTFLOP remains bottom of the barrel grime 


The second I saw an ARTFLOP vote I KNEW it was the one and only :sassysalem:

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