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US Election Day


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Kindness Admin 6,943

Hi all, today is the final day of voting in the US. Discuss anything election related. This process may stretch on for many days as votes are tabulated. 

I’m working the polls in Queens all day, literally for 17 hours :bradley:, so I won’t be on today. Pray for a Biden win :war:.

Nytimes info here: https://www.nytimes.com/news-event/2020-election

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The Fame Popster 477

I hope that Biden wins because crap government in my country loves to cite Trump and use his propaganda ("boohoo we love Trump, he's great, blah blah"). Looking forward to any news, it's very important event. Europe is watching! :snake: 

I'm currently watching this stream:


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Moderator 4,731

I know its the USA elections and its about the Americans. But since the US has such an impact over the rest of the world, we do care as well! I hope Biden wins!

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The Fame Popster 428

my heart is with you America 


@admingood luck working the polls!! I've done it many time and I can't imagine doing it during a pandemic, you're a hero <3 (mostly I can't imagine because I've always showed up with a weeks worth of food and just snacked all day, don't know that I could manage that with a mask lol)

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