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CEREMONY: Feud S3 Round3


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A Popster Is Born 15,050

hello again Feuders, calling your attention


first, i'd like to apologize for the super delayed results :bradley:

it's been rough but we can't delay this any further.. Let's find out the answers for these:

Season 3 Round 3Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé, Adele & Britney Spears

  1. What is Britney’s Worst Live Performance?
  2. Name Britney’s Best 2010s song.
  3. Name a H100 No.1 Britney song.
  4. Name a Remix w/ Beyonce song.
  5. What is Beyonce’s Magnum Opus Album?
  6. Name a H100 No.1 Beyonce song from 2000s.
  7. What is Beyonce’s Most Iconic Music Video?
  8. Name Adele’s Best Album.
  9. Name a H100 No.1 Adele song.
  10. Name an Adele song that deserved RITD and SLY’s Global Success.
  11. Name Joanne’s Best Album Track.
  12. What is Gaga’s Best Acting Role?
  13. Name a Gaga song title that starts with letter B.
  14. What is the Era with the Best Fashion?
  15. Name the most underrated Gaga MV.

Bonus: Name a popular 80s classic song.

steve harvey quotes

  • yaas, gaga 1
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