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The Guardian: ROM best song of the year


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Pop-a-911-ster 21,232

1. Rain on Me is technically a breakup song: “At least I showed up, you showed me nothing at all,” Gaga sings in the opening verse, scorning a lover who has fallen short of expectations. But it’s not really about that at all – for anyone who has listened to it, it’s about how bad 2020 is. “I’d rather be dry / but at least I’m alive” runs the chorus – being thankful for not being dead was where we reset the bar this year, and it was thrilling to hear someone sing it so honestly. Instead of trying to shelter from the storm, Gaga and Grande ask for the worst thing to happen so they can be delivered from it; Grande also calls for the rain to wash away her sins. It’s that sense of transcendence that makes it such a potent song in 2020, by acknowledging the rain and dancing through it. BBT


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Kindness Admin 6,920


Amazing. Not top song for me, maybe not even top 5, haha, but it's a GREAT song that deserves all the love.

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Gaming Leader 6,416

Rain On Me is the one song that brought me actual joy this year to be honest. It was such a mindless feel good song but one that was so relatable considering all that was going on this year. The music video, the vocals, the album hype surrounding it, the summer vibes. It was one of the few good moments for me this year :bradley:

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