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Rolling Stone thinks Taylor Swift is “Goth-Folk”


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Taylor Swift Deepens Her Goth-Folk Vision on the Excellent ‘Evermore’

Just months after ‘Folklore,’ Swift delivers another surprise album, full of unexpected experiments, ambitious story songs and moments of narrative mythmaking that often turn the lens back on herself.

So here we are again…again. And honestly, we should have seen this one coming. Of course, Taylor Swift, stuck in quarantine like the rest of us, decided to release a whole new collection of 17 songs as a sequel to her outstanding Folklore, unleashing it unto the world with as little warning as the last one. Evermore may be its own album, but it’s also very much an extension of Folklore – a “sister record,” as Swift calls it. 



Serving “Joanne is acoustic disco” 


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Words have lost all meaning. A better journalist would make an argument about the gothic themes woven throughout evermore (ivy, marjorie, evermore, willow) but the author of this article delivers a bog standard review of the most non-gothic, non-folk songs (tis the season, dorothea). She's singing about f*cking a ghost in ivy ffs.

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2 hours ago, admin said:

Is goth-folk a real thing? Anyone have any examples?

Not cringe mall goth-folk, but there's lots of gothic/punk rock on the more acoustic side, southern gothic music, literal macabre folk songs, etc you could call goth-folk. PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Patti Smith, some Florence, the Civil Wars come to mind in terms of artists.

^ this is a traditional folk song about a woman killing her lover :ohhh:


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