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CEREMONY: PopA911 Feud S2 Round 3


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A Popster Is Born 15,004

Hello Legendary Feuders!

Let's get into the finale round of POP CULTURE TALK and find out your scores for these:

Season 2 Round 3: Pop Culture Talk
1.    Name a Box-Office GIANT Film.
2.    Name the Worst fanbase.
3.    Name a Disney Princess.
4.    What’s your favorite space (room/part) in a house?
5.    What city will you likely see in a 2-hour Hollywood Film?
6.    Most Handsome Actor?
7.    Name a Michael Jackson song.
8.    What’s the best meal of the day?
9.    Name a movie that families will likely play on Christmas.
10.    Name a cartoon character.
11.    Name a well-hung Hollywood Actor.
12.    Name a Non-English Global Smash.
13.    Name an X-Men Character.
14.    Name a social media app.
15.    Name a boy band.
Bonus: Name an ex-act Pop Girl.

ABC’s “Celebrity Family Feud” - 2020

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