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Popster This Way 656
On 10/11/2020 at 9:53 PM, ObezyankaNol said:

I received a PM from an user called Doot Twitter Ghost and now is deleted :rip: seems like many others received the message too


It was one of us. I don't know if it's safe to say who, so I'll let him do it himself if he wants. But the mods probably know already.

Edit: For the spies lurking this forum, I did not plan this, I did not know it was happening, and I found out after. If you want facts, try talking to us instead of permabanning us and jumping to conclusions.

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The Popster 94
Just now, EuphoricVibez said:

And @Adakam, @little legend, as much as what's unfolding on GGD, and the drama happening there, it does not need to escalate to the BTWF, and Perez Hilton. For the love of god, please don't. That's the last thing we need happen right now.

This honestly - some comments regarding the issues going down over there are starting to border on conspiratorial - I don't feel good about that, isn't the point of joining this community to build anew :carly_bye:


Says I while posting in a thread dedicated to it :ohyes:


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2 minutes ago, CurvaceousLimericker said:

They also went on another, albeit smol round of thread deletions since people started asking questions again :ohyes:


I'm honestly not surprised. :uhh: They keep doing that, and GGD is gonna be nothing but bread crumbs for the rats to eat

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