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CEREMONY: Feud S3 Round 2


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A Popster Is Born 15,050

Calling our Legendary Feuders.

In a moment, we'll find out the Top Answers to these:


Season 3 Round 2: Lady Gaga ft. Katy Perry & Rihanna
1.    Name an OUT-OUT Chart-run Katy Perry single.
2.    What is Katy’s Best Physical Asset?
3.    Name a No.1 Katy Perry song.
4.    What Katy Perry song will you likely hear on a Nickelodeon show?
5.    What is Katy’s Best Radio Single?
6.    What European Country Rihanna smashed the most?
7.    Name Rihanna’s best ballad.
8.    What is Rihanna’s Most Local Era?
9.    Name a No.1 Rihanna song?
10.    Aside from ANTI, What Rihanna album deserved BB200 No.1?
11.    If Gaga released a 5th Official Single for THE FAME, what would it be?
12.    What is BTW’s most underrated album track?
13.    Name a single-worthy album track from ARTPOP.
14.    Aside from SOUR CANDY, what Chromatica song deserved a Music Video the most?
15.    For ASIB Era, what award show/premier/event Gaga dressed the best?
Bonus: Aside from Gaga songs, Name a popular Karaoke song.


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A Popster Is Born 15,050
On 2/12/2022 at 10:58 PM, FRANZGA said:

Numero 1

Name an OUT-OUT Chart-run Katy Perry single.


Harleys In Hawaii VS When I'm Gone


and SMALL TALK :icant:


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