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DC - Blue: Unfinished & Unreleased (Out November 6th!) + Shootin' For The Stars (Outer Space Remix)


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Wow, I'm looking back at my Blue album on my channel and I really did a LOT for it! I feel so happy about the era, even if I didn't make many proper music videos or do many live performances, starting the era with Winter Love in the middle of December last year and ending it here with a complete demo album on November 6th almost a full year later, this has been the best era of my life I think I've had, very dark and really sad, but still happy, and gay :) 

The full complete demo album for Blue is coming out on November 6th and the project is called "Blue: Unfinished & Unreleased"

This demo album is a showcase of the very first demo concepts for every song on the album, a lot of things have been changed from these to the final versions, but it's always been consistent with the main idea of them throughout the creation process.

The cover art is representation of the unfinished look, that's why it's blurred, because all the songs give the idea of the finished album but it's not quite the clear picture just yet. These demos span from 2 whole years, when I started to make Pictures right after Rollin' Into Town in August of 2018, all the way to the first demo of I Will Always Be By Your Side. I present to you, Blue: Unfinished & Unreleased. 




I would ALSO like to announce that the Outer Space Remix of my song Shootin' For The Stars on my album Technology has just been released! This was going to be included in the setlist for @Twitter's Rock In Rio concert as an interlude right before Past The Stars and S******g S***s, but due to the recent events of GGD being a complete a** we all had to suffer through the endured.

I made this remix all by myself within my program and even used elements such as the "Twinkle" synth used throughout the actual song :)


OMG SPOTIFY EMBEDES!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH @admin!!!!!!! :bradley:



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hearing how the songs went from the simple demos to the ~incredible~ album versions is so cool.

now drop the third record :oscar:


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