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I Got the best Gaga shirt EVER!


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I can’t wait to wear it everywhere!!


People Who may care: or at least please care:gaga-thanks:


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Popstanne 5,076
1 hour ago, NotDoctor said:

Now I want them to do a 9to5 sequel but with Gaga as the new 4th member 

Can you imagine Gaga and Dolly in a movie together? I can only wish!

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5 hours ago, PETTY said:

obsessed :billie:

i need!


3 hours ago, lavenderblondee said:

I just saved this photo to my phone a few days ago.




5 hours ago, Modern Ecstasy2 said:

Oh this is the shirt Scott Studenberg posted on his IG 


6 hours ago, Aphrodizy26 said:

Plsss from where i love it

https://instagram.com/ronaldmcdonkey?igshid=1mmdlycpijlzq Found it here! 

The shirt is actually good quality too!

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Deactivated 14,311
32 minutes ago, Valorious said:

It's fantastic, but what is it based on?
9 to 5 (Dolly, Lilly, Jane?)
The Golden Girls?

Halp me here lol 

9to5 yes!

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