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CEREMONY: PopA911 Feud S3 R1


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A Popster Is Born 14,924

Calling the Talented Feuders of PopA911

hi LEGENDS! Welcome to another CEREMONY of PopA911 Feud.

In a moment, we'll find out the Top Answers for these:

Season 3 Round 1: Lady Gaga ft. Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande
1.    Name a No.1 Taylor Swift Song.
2.    Aside from the US, What is Taylor’s strongest market?
3.    What is Taylor’s Best Album?
4.    Name one of Taylor’s ex.
5.    What country Taylor flopped the most?
6.    Before Ari’s string of H100 No.1s, what’s her biggest song?
7.    What is Ariana’s Best Album?
8.    What is Ariana’s Worst Album?
9.    What is Ariana’s gayest song?
10.    Aside from Rain On Me, what is Ariana’s best No.1 song?
11.    Who’s Gaga’s TOTGA?
12.    Name a non-top10 Gaga song that deserved the H100 No.1 the most.
13.    If Gaga were to release a song from the vault, what would it be?
14.    What hair color is best for Gaga?
15.    The best Gaga song to play while having sex.
Bonus: What do you do first when you wake up?
ABC’s “Celebrity Family Feud” - 2020

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A Popster Is Born 14,924
On 1/29/2022 at 11:31 PM, FRANZGA said:

first UP

1. Name a No.1 Taylor Swift Song.



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