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PopA911's Movie Trio


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Popster This Way 821



Hello all!

The original version of this game (music focused) was going on the other "forum", and proved to be very popular! I wanted to bring you the next version, which is movies!

If you have any interest in playing, please post below and I will add you to the player list.



  • Submissions will last 24 hours, and voting  last 24 hours, and then a new round begins after the results are shown.
  • Whomever receives the lowest amount of votes is voted out of the game, but they have a chance to return during a comeback round.
  • If multiple players tie, a vote off round will be initiated.
  • There will occasionally be a group challenge.

Please let me know below if you would like to play! The charts folk have been making this website an awesome up and comer in the forum community, let's help them out and make this forum come to life even more!






@Franz Ferdinand







@Franch Toast



@Aphrodite Lady


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Popster This Way 821
58 minutes ago, GitHub said:

I would so be into this, but I feel like my taste in movies doesn't match this fan base's at all :rip:

Don't worry. We played a music version on GGD and people were submitting Billie Eilish for the folk category :rip:

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