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Our team (mods and leaders)


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Kindness Admin 6,892

Hello popsters!

It’s taken me a while to finalize our team and I am sorry! Considering the smaller size of our community right now, I was shook to see so many people submit applications. It’s so exciting and promising that so many of you want to be involved and join the team here as we start looking to the future. There’s a lot to do and the future is bright; all the people I’m about to name are going to help us bring this community to the next level.

I really do want to thank everyone who applied who did not make it onto the team at this moment. The applications were all wonderful and I strongly encourage everyone to apply again next time. 

The mod role is intended to keep our community full of kindness and to protect every single person on the forum. Not just the people who vocalize their concerns with a report, but to spot situations where people are being unkind, attacking others or otherwise degrading the experience of being here.  They’re here to protect the diversity of our community without hesitation. You have all, hopefully, seen the guidelines, and the mod team will be using that as their guide.  Together, the mods and and I will work on improving these guidelines and getting them into top shape - so do expect changes to come there.

These mods have shown an overwhelming ability to be kind and professional. We cannot have an inclusive, kindness-first community without mods who are honest, capable and earnest. Online communication is really tricky, what one person finds funny or unimportant can break another’s spirit. It’s a really tough job to be a mod and a very human one. So don’t forget that. We’re all in this together.

I could easily go on, but let me instead present our mod team:

Community leaders
The community leaders are here to help figure out where and how we move this community forward. They will be helping with managing threads, featuring and pinning topics and helping me figure out what to promote on the site once I redo the the promotional banner and add our new Discover page.

However, the bigger goal, and the reason this group is a bit larger than the rest, is that these leaders are going to help me figure out what the site needs. This will come from listening to you all, and how you use the site, as well as from personal messages you might have with them. They’ll also work with me on broader directions and projects to work on. A sample of the current projects that are in the pipeline for the rest of this year:

  • Enhancements to recognize mods, community leaders and gaming leaders within the forums.
  • More, more emojis
  • A new ‘Team’ page that permanently highlights all our team members.
  • Some expansions of profiles and hover pop ups
  • Pinning the header bar (if you want to)
  • A new promotional banner

A ‘Discover’ page that highlights key featured content throughout he site (items featured from our great teams)

The next items on this list will likely come from our community leaders and from you. Some of the team will also help me handle some of the social media and Discord management I don’t have the time to dedicate. All in all, these folk are going to be improving the community and leading us boldly into the future. Do not hesitate to reach out to them if ever have any questions, concerns or ideas.

Our wonderful community leaders:

Gaming leaders
Our gaming leaders will not only help host their own wonderful community games, but also assist any one else running games. Moving forward, likely in the new year, we’ll create a calendar for people to sign up for certain times and reserve certain projects for megarates. Likewise, they will help keep games with proper tags open and closed in order to keep the ‘Discover’ page up-to-date when it launches.

Like the rest of our team members, our gaming leaders are here to help you and to look to the future on how we can create a better gaming community with even more features. If you ever have any gaming questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of these wonderful people:

That is our team and I couldn’t be more excited or grateful to have you all here. Please congratulate and celebrate all the wonderful people contributing to popa911! We are still a pretty tiny community, which shall grow, but there’s lots to do and lots to figure out and I’m happy to not do it all alone. It’s a pretty tough year between covid, politics and our personal lives - so everything takes time and we’re not in a rush to a quick finish. This is a long term endeavor and I hope you all stay with us on the journey.

- admin

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Deactivated 14,311
17 minutes ago, Breathin said:

Congratulations to everyone on becoming a Moderator, Community Leader & Game Leader! Let's make the best out of PopA911! :kiss:


Agreed babes! Love to see myself here with some legends! May my timezones forever be in my favour :oscar:

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The Fame Popster 428

Congrats to everyone! The people chosen and all the policies seem very thoughtfully done, so I have no doubt this will be a great team :oscar:

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Deactivated 14,311

CONGRATULATIONS TO MY FELLOW MODS! @SLAG @Twitter and @Dirkje Looking forward to our discussions about bringing Popa911 to the top! TO THE MOON!



Maybe Elon Musk can help us get to the moon? santana lopez laughing GIF


THANK YOU! @admin for this amazing opportunity, I won't let you down or my entire nation of the Great Southern Land down either!


Congratulations to these beautiful people! Our Community & Game Leaders:

@corvus albus @Doot @Joannesrats @kaelergrey @Modern Ecstasy2 @paradox @Breathin @KatieJudasGaga4 @Lorde Von Kok @PETTY

Do us proud and I will participate where I can in the games. Be gentle with me, I am old and slow!


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Pop visitors

Congrats to all the mods! I know you will do amazing! Thank you for all reaching out and giving me 1 free pass from each of you. It was very kind and considerate! :abel_glow:

love you all 

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