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PopA911 Feud Season 2: Round 2


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A Popster Is Born 14,924

Hi Feuders! Let's get this Season going.

For the TOPS, keep on SLAYING. For the BOTTOMS, redeem yourselves.

Season 2 Round 2Pop Culture Talk

  1. Name a US President before the 21st Century.
  2. Apart from Gaga, Name the Best Superbowl Half-Time Show.
  3. Name the Best Dancer among Female Pop Stars.
  4. Name a Girl Group.
  5. Aside from Pop, Name a Music Genre.
  6. Name one of the “New 7 Wonders of the World”
  7. Name a Male Porn Star.
  8. What is the country with best cuisine?
  9. Name a Superhero.
  10. Name the Best Female Vocalist.
  11. Name a COLOR.
  12. What’s the Most Iconic Fruit?
  13. Aside from Earth, Name a Planet.
  14. Name the Next Hollywood Male Superstar.
  15. Name an NBA Icon.

Bonus: Name the Best Country in Continental Europe.

How To Play PopA911 Feud?

  • Play the Game like the TV Show “Family Feud” but you’re on your own.
  • It's either you play for your personal fave or answer majority's most probable choice to WIN.
  • Give 1 Answer each including the "Bonus" and PM me your 16 answers.
  • Points will be based from the answers of the participants. (Ex. 20 Participants answered Bad Romance as Best Gaga MV, each user will be awarded 20 Points / 10 Participants voted 911, 10 Points and so on)
  • Unique answers will get 1 Point but ZERO if the answer is not valid. (Ex. Hair as Best MV = 0)
  • The User with the biggest accumulated points will be hailed as WINNER.
  • Have Fun!

Deadline Of Submission: on or before 12 Midnight of Dec.31,2020

CEREMONY: Jan.02, 2021 10:00AM EST


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A Popster Is Born 14,924
1 minute ago, little legend said:

Can't wait for another easy win


since you WON the REACTS


Select any Question he's comfortable with

1.  and use "double points" for Top Answer. (every top user will get double points)

2. and use "set-to-zero points" power for those with answers below him. (ex. he answered the top answer, everything outside Top answer will get ZERO points.. if he answered a UNIQUE one, nobody will get ZERO Points aside from the invalid ones)

3. and use "negative points" power for every user who answered invalid/unique answers. (-5 points to be awarded)


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A Popster Is Born 14,924
2 minutes ago, little legend said:

so in round 3 there will be the same question ( 7 ) but for female?


99% of the users here  wont even know what to answer :rip:

not doing that cause i'll get a lot of 1pointers


  • lol 2
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