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PopA911 Feud Season 2: Round 1


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A Popster Is Born 14,925

After flopping in the TRIO Game :gaga-scream:

I'm finally back to let some of y'all flop :oscar:

Season 2 Round 1Pop Culture Talk

  1. Aside from Gaga, Name a Global Female Pop Star.
  2. Name Harry Potter’s Best Book.
  3. Name the Biggest Female Artist in Touring.
  4. Name the Most “Payolad” Female Artist of recent times.
  5. Who mostly deserved the throne? (Game Of Thrones characters)
  6. Name a closeted Male Celebrity.
  7. Name a “Local” Pop Girl.
  8. Name the Most Impactful Record/Music Producer of the 21st Century.
  9. What’s the Most Impactful Country after the U.S.?
  10. Aside from Gaga, Name VMA’s Best Performance.
  11. Name an Oscar Best Picture Winning Film.
  12. Who will you likely hear when you turn on the radio?
  13. Name “FRIENDS” best character.
  14. Name the Next Hollywood Female Superstar.
  15. Name a Main Pop Girl that will likely never visit Eastern Europe.

    16. Bonus: Name the Best Ancient Empire. (6000BC – 1900)


How To Play PopA911 Feud?

  • Play the Game like the TV Show “Family Feud” but you’re on your own.
  • It's either you play for your personal fave or answer majority's most probable choice to WIN.
  • Give 1 Answer each including the "Bonus" and PM me your 16 answers.
  • Points will be based from the answers of the participants. (Ex. 20 Participants answered Bad Romance as Best Gaga MV, each user will be awarded 20 Points / 10 Participants voted 911, 10 Points and so on)
  • Unique answers will get 1 Point but ZERO if the answer is not valid. (Ex. Hair as Best MV = 0)
  • The User with the biggest accumulated points will be hailed as WINNER.
  • Have Fun!

Deadline Of Submission: on or before 12 Midnight of Dec.20,2020

CEREMONY: Dec.23, 2020 9:00AM EST


Summoning Feuders:


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A Popster Is Born 14,925

@Clever Username, our winner from Round 3: Lady Gaga can use either of these:

Select any Question he's comfortable with

1.  and use "double points" for Top Answer. (every top user will get double points)

2. and use "set-to-zero points" power for those with answers below him. (ex. he answered the top answer, everything outside Top answer will get ZERO points.. if he answered a UNIQUE one, nobody will get ZERO Points aside from the invalid ones)

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A Popster Is Born 14,925
Just now, little legend said:

I dont know record producers ,what does this means:rip:


A record producer or music producer, unlike an audio engineer, who simply operates the technology employed in a music recording's creation and refinement, is the recording project's creative and technical leader, commanding studio time and coaching artists, and in popular genres typically creates the song's very sound and structure.[1][2][3] The record producer, or simply the producer, is likened to a film director.[1][3] The executive producer, on the other hand, enables the recording project through entrepreneurship.


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