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PopA911 Feud S3 R2: Lady Gaga and the Main Pop Girls


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A Popster Is Born 14,721

Welcome to the 2nd Part of this Season! Presenting the Radio Pop Girls Katy and Rihanna.


Season 3 Round 2: Lady Gaga ft. Katy Perry & Rihanna
1.    Name an OUT-OUT Chart-run Katy Perry single.
2.    What is Katy’s Best Physical Asset?
3.    Name a No.1 Katy Perry song.
4.    What Katy Perry song will you likely hear on a Nickelodeon show?
5.    What is Katy’s Best Radio Single?
6.    What European Country Rihanna smashed the most?
7.    Name Rihanna’s best ballad.
8.    What is Rihanna’s Most Local Era?
9.    Name a No.1 Rihanna song?
10.    Aside from ANTI, What Rihanna album deserved BB200 No.1?
11.    If Gaga released a 5th Official Single for THE FAME, what would it be?
12.    What is BTW’s most underrated album track?
13.    Name a single-worthy album track from ARTPOP.
14.    Aside from SOUR CANDY, what Chromatica song deserved a Music Video the most?
15.    For ASIB Era, what award show/premier/event Gaga dressed the best?
Bonus: Aside from Gaga songs, Name a popular Karaoke song.

How To Play PopA911 Feud?

  • Play the Game like the TV Show “Family Feud” but you’re on your own.
  • It's either you play for your personal fave or answer majority's most probable choice to WIN.
  • Give 1 Answer each including the "Bonus" and PM me your 16 answers.
  • Points will be based from the answers of the participants. (Ex. 20 Participants answered Bad Romance as Best Gaga MV, each user will be awarded 20 Points / 10 Participants voted 911, 10 Points and so on)
  • Unique answers will get 1 Point but ZERO if the answer is not valid. (Ex. Hair as Best MV = 0)
  • The User with the biggest accumulated points will be hailed as WINNER.
  • Have Fun!

DEADLINE: on or before 0:00 Midnight of Feb10, 2022

CEREMONY: 10:00AM EST, Feb10, 2022

Calling my legendary Feuders:

Shamelessly inviting:


911 @0707alp @1mi_K @5HZombie12 @A Little Monsterrr @a.random.little.moster @AaronJ @absolutelyjc @ad9nn @Adakam @Adakam @Adam_Monster @admin @Agustin @Aiman19 @Ale @alejandro by lady gaga @Alejandro44 @alexey_McEuriv @alexthepersonny @Alfze @ALICE @Alina @Alistair_ @AlleyCat @almeric @Almond Milk @ami @Amidana @Anastasia @Andreas @Andreu @Andrianna1998 @Angie @Animal Claws @Annemjuvland @Anongirl   @APHRODITE @Aphrodite Lady @Aphrodizy26 @Applause @Arizona Sky @artgagapop @ARTPOP @Artpop lover @ARTPOP Stan @ARTPOPIANA @artpopnasty @Artur @Arturo @Azor Ahai @Babylon @babylonhooker @BadGurlMadge @Baepsae @Baieia @Bakugo @BarkWoof22 @bastos @Battleforyourlife @bealovesgaga @beelzemon @BenG @benisnotok @bertalozzz @BibleThisWay @biblicalmonster @bijon @Bilola @BlakeyBoo95 @blankpaper @blastertoyo @bloodnoir @Blown Away @blue @Bonny @Born In Chromatica @BornthisJ @Boulanger @bpsy @Breathin @Brecht @brefike @Brie Candy @Brit9 @brnrd @Brooklyn Chapel @brownie @Btw @Byran Bobson @cait @CALBooking @calmar @Candy Gaga @CannaeDrive @Cas @ccurt7755 @Cerv @Chann1717 @charliecashmere @chartgaga @CherryPie @Chopper @chormatica911 @Chriscros4 @Chromatica @Chromaticandi @ChromaticasPunk @chromaticaxcx @CHROMATICON @ChromaticRaccoon @Cocaine Heart @CokeDestroyer @Colorful @Computer @ConnorFilm @Cookies @Cookies @COOOK @cornless_ @corvus albus @cosmic @Clever Username@crazybadbich97 @CroatianFad01 @CurvaceousLimericker @Cyclonus @Dadley Pooper @dana.ioana @danbekim @danwasd @Daphne Guinness @Dark Paradise @DarkHawk @Davian @DAVID SANTOS @Daylight Oreos @DeanClownchester @DeleteForever @Dennis Lemp @DennisConcert @derpmonster @Devin @DiamondKing @Didymus @Dirkje @dllcll @Dolce @donatellab @DonatellaPop @Doncho @DonnieDarko @Doot @dopestan13 @Drkitten @durelleatough @Dutch @Dutrall @ed2735 @Edonis @ElieGaga @Elisa chs @elusivecaution @Elvira @enigma popstar @EnigmaticAndroid @entela @Enya @Enzo @EroticaBarbie @ErraHaze @Essie @estium @ethan @Ethel @ev1379 @EveryGaGa @FarixGaga @Fernando @fernplantfun @FFXIV WhiteMage @flint @Focz @folklore. @Footile @franminervini@Francesco Casotti @Franch Toast @Franxxx Dreams @Franz Ferdinand @FRANZGA @Fraspeechless @Freddy @gabrielflorin01 @GAGA @gagaschickens @Gagacharts @GagaFanatic @GAGAFLIX @GagaGlambert @GagaIsMyCure @gagalilm @Gagalvaro @Gagaohhlala @gagapictures @gagarox @gagarrhea @gagarxx @Gagas911 @gagasevermore @gagaspositions @GagaXCollection @gagaxuan @GalaxyGamerGuy @gary @germloop @Gimme More @GitHub @glass @Glittertinks @gloriaroseva @GODPOP @gorgeousgaga @gorskillet @Gov Hooka @Gracious Gaga @grandextraordinaire @Graphitium @Sir.Sim @GreekGod @Guilherme @GuiLM @Gustavo @Gypsy Guy Holland @Gypsy Life @Gypsygaga @GypsyLife14 @Haed invadr @Hags Labs @hammer @Hanna @Hannah1179 @HarryKim @haus.of.lillea @HausLabsBabylon @HausOfLexi @HeavyMetalGagaLover @Mario Spears @Zak


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A Popster Is Born 14,721

@Delusional , our winner from the last round can use any of these special power:

Select any Question they're comfortable with

1.  and use "double points" for Top Answer. (every top user will get double points)

2. and use "set-to-zero points" power for those with answers below them. (ex. they answered the top answer, everything outside Top answer will get ZERO points.. if they answered a UNIQUE one, nobody will get ZERO Points aside from the invalid ones)

3. and use "negative points" power for every user who answered invalid/unique answers. (-5 points to be awarded)

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  • FRANZGA changed the title to PopA911 Feud S3 R2: Lady Gaga and the Main Pop Girls
Popstanne 6,426
On 2/4/2022 at 5:07 PM, GucciOreos said:

they were answering me :rip:


On 2/4/2022 at 5:07 PM, Sir.Sim said:

Check my quote!!:toofunny:

Byeee I'mm blind too apparently :icant: side effects of playing CC methinks

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